Broken Lands

Chapter 2


The townsfolk were nervous. The militia needed to be raised. Most importantly, with the main well damaged the town was going to be short on water. It might not be deadly, but it could be. Barry Swanson, a local geologist/botanist, had intel on a likely water source a day out. Luckily, a tanker truck was among the things available to Corsica.

All this trouble… fucking raiders.

And so those chosen by the strange mark set about dealing with the raid’s aftermath. Erik made sure that repairs of the well were under way while the rest worked to get the militia organized.

Then Torkk showed up again. He ignored the dirty looks and sought out those with whom he shared a mark. Stern looks and heated words were exchanged but in the end Torkk’s offer off help was accepted and it was decided that he would travel with the group to seek out the potential source of water. They would leave in the morning.

Morning came and indeed, they left. The journey was slow going but uneventful and soon enough they arrived at the indicated rock formation. There were tracks everywhere. Human? Animal? The heroes couldn’t be sure. Fearlessly they followed the tracks up a winding trail and came to a cave entrance. It was dark. Very dark. And from within came a challenging, roar-like scream. Still the group went forward.

It stank the stank of unwashed bodies and rotten meat. Still the group went forward.

A ways into the cave the light from the flashlight reflected off a surface they were hoping to find… water. Then another roar-scream came. Followed by another, and then more. From three sides the group was charged by things out of nightmares. Or in the Broken Lands, things out of the past.

The fighting was fierce, and the Marked did not go unscathed. It looked as if they would be victorious when another group approached from down another tunnel beyond the water. This one included what must have been some sort of alpha for it was larger, stronger, and tougher.

It was a tough ordeal but in the end none of our heroes were down and all of the… things… were. One of them had in its possession a rod of some unknown alloy. Erik happily looted this.

With the immediate threat dealt with, Athen set up an alarm wire while Layla tested the water. It seemed fine to her and so the pumping operation began. It completed without incident and the group made their way back to Corsica where they found that the townsfolk had been riled up.

Folks were agitated and wanted revenge. There was to be a rally this night where undoubtedly the mob would whip itself into a frenzy. Athen and Leo made sure to attend, while Torkk made sure he was present while not involved, and while the Erik and Layla stayed as far away as possible.

Sure enough that evening saw a gathering of a significant portion of the town. Athen made the rounds trying to gauge the crowds intent. Suddenly, he was called out. “It’s him! It was his fault! He’s supposed to protect us.!” And thus it became clear that this mob had an instigator. In fact, it had four. Tyson Mayweather led the crew while Dirk, Brand, and Mags helped. Athen tried his hardest to counteract the instigators efforts but he seemed to be fighting a losing battle. Torkk saw that he couldn’t remain apart and so called down to the crowd from his room overlooking the gathering. His attempts at explanation didn’t help but his uncanny sense of what was going to be said ended up providing much needed help to Athen. Leo went around taking out some of the main instigators assistants by delivering well timed low blows.

Together, and with a bit of luck, the crowd was calmed and eventually dispersed.

And thus, the aftermath of the raid seemed to be dealt with.



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